Homemade cream of chicken soup

With trying to eat healthy, I decided to try my hand at making soups for use as sauce for different dishes.  I am not a fan of cream of chicken soup on its own, but it is a great topping for chicken dishes. 


3 cups of Low sodium chicken stock,
2 cups of heavy cream,
1 cup of milk,
1 tsp of olive oil,
1 small onion finally chopped,
2 cloves of garlic, and
1 tsp of corn starch.

In a sauspan, heat the olive oil.  once heated till it shimmers; add in the onion and garlic.  Cook the onion and garlic until translucent.  slowly add the chicken stock.  For a smother result, add one cup of stock, and with a puree blender, puree the onions and garlic.  Ad the remainder of the stock, bringing it to a simmer.  Reduce by 1/4, then add in the cream slowly.  while string reduce by another 1/4.

The soup should be starting to thicken.  Make a corn starch slury with the milk, and corn starch, and add into the pot.  Let come to a simmer for a few min while string, and the soup should thicken.  At this point you can add optional cooked chicken chunks, or serve as is.

Have you made homemade cream of chicken soup?  How did it come out?


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